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We, Atum Hutip Em Re Atum Re Aka “Da Platinum Pharoah” and Kaktat Hababtat Hataptat Baa’ah Aka “Kaktatdagoddess” have joined together as one great positive force to make various creative products, in many ways, styles, and in an abundance, which helped us develop, a prosperous business called Nile Dynasty. Our Nile Dynasty consists of various items; unique to the satisfaction of every customer we have serviced over the years. With an experience of over 20 years in the business, it has demanded us to continue as we have and increase the expansion of building and progressing quickly as a thriving company. Nile Dynasty has also blossomed into a family business that includes our MATRIARCH and children to assist and share these great opportunities we have developed over the years, and it also made us stronger with projecting whatever is needed for our customers that we have also acquired and accumulated over the years. Our commitment, determination, efficiency, enthusiasm, professionalism, and good quality with various products, which we have managed to produce regularly and consistently. Well, most of all we want to thank you all, our customers for your continued loyalty to our business and company.  

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